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Awaken your senses with our range of scents to inspire and elevate


handmade homeware

- vegan friendly - recycled materials - phthalate free - essential oils -


here at The Burning Bean Co, we pride ourselves on creating natural, high quality products that are beneficial to our customers and the environment.
our products are earth friendly, handmade in small batches from beginning to end in northamptonshire and are vegan friendly.
this includes our grass paper labels which are recyclable, allergen free + processed without the use of chemicals.  

the choice is easy, our products are the way to go for a healthier home environment. 


travel/mini candles

our travel/mini candle range is centred around the simple act of being in the moment and reaping all of the benefits - wherever you may be.

neatly sized to tuck into your carry-on, luggage or toiletry bag, these small but mighty jars of your favourite essential oil blends will go anywhere you go.


connecting to the world we live in has never been easier.

find us over at instagram/facebook + keep up to date with all upcoming information about the company

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