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COVID-19 Statement

In light of the ongoing situation regarding the Covid-19 outbreak we wanted to put out a post of reassurance.


We have always and will continue to maintain a clean working environment when preparing our orders and producing our products. We regularly disinfect all surfaces and will increase the frequency of this. Our self hygiene is also of paramount importance and especially at this time.


All orders will be wiped down prior to packaging and we will wear gloves when making the candles and packing them to ensure that we are in no way contributing to the spread of this virus.


We hope to continue to trade and make our online shop the safest form of ordering from us for the next few months.

Markets are few and far between at this present moment in time but we will aim to keep you all updated on any potential markets we have coming up. 

We are shipping orders as best and as frequent we can however we have had to limit our post office drops to two per week. Please also allow up to 7 days from shipment as services can be delayed during this time. We will do our utmost to keep you informed.

Should you find yourself unfortunate enough to self isolate, our candles make the perfect quarantine buddies with no nasty chemicals to affect your respiratory system! They also make great little gifts to send to loved ones you cant be around - either leave a note when you are at checkout or send us an email if you would like to add a gift note. 

Stay safe, stick together and try to support small business where possible.


The Burning Bean Co. 

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