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  • hand thrown ceramic stoneware wax melt burner - tom butcher ceramics


    designed to be used with our range of wax melts, this burner has been exclusively designed + produced for the burning bean co by Tom Butcher in Brighton. 


    This product is perfect for those of you who appreciate the japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi + the simplicity of scandinavian design. 


    place a tealight in the base of the wax melt burner. allow the heat of the tealight to melt the wax + the fragrance will release into the room. the wax melt burner will become very hot when in use, do not touch or try to move the wax melt burner. allow the burner to cool completely before touching or moving. 


    - weight 450g (empty)

    - accomodates 1 of our wax melt sticks broken in half.



    hand thrown ceramic stoneware wax melt burner


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