• lull 180ml


    inspired by the ocean, lull encapsulates the scent of the warm sea air + costal breeze. with the zesty floral scent of gardenia, creamy sweet coconut + the fresh marine scent of seasalt + driftwood. this candle has been uniquely created with ocean lovers in mind.

    available in our 180ml italian glass amber votive as part of our 2021 summer collection


    the good stuff:

    - vegan friendly

    - recycled where possible

    - scented with paraben free high quality fragrance oils 

    - paraffin and phthalate free

    - available in our limited edition 180ml italian glass amber votive 

    - hand poured in small batches in our studio

    - all our packaging is recyclable including the starch void fill


    burn time of approx:

    30 - 35 hours


    lull 180ml

    SKU: AJ-LULL180
    • burning instructions

      - wicks should be trimmed to approx 5mm before every use with wick trimmers (nail clippers do the trick too!)

      - upon first burning, allow the surface of the wax to melt to the edge of the glass. this will ensure that future burns will follow the first melt and prevent tunnelling of the candle.

      - once the surface is melted, it is best not to burn for more than 1 hour as the glass may overheat.

      - do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time.

      - when you have burnt your candle down and the wax is 1cm from the bottom, it should be extinguished as it could cause overheating and crack the glass.

      - try and keep the wick straight and central in between burning to allow better and more even burns.

      - to stop the build up of soot, wipe the inside of the  glass regularly when the wax is hard.

      and most of all enjoy your candle and all the benefits it brings.